Catálogo de contenidos educativos en la web compatibles con Classroom Coordinator

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    One Minute MediaShort how-to clips on just about any subject.INGUSA
    One Minute ULearn fast with how-to videos that are less than a minute long.INGUSA
    Online DrummerInformative music site for beginning musicians to watch online drum lessonsINGUSA
    Open Video ProjectLarge repository of digitized video content.INGUSA
    Open YaleFree open access video lectures delivered by teachers and scholars at Yale...INGUSA
    OPRAHLearn about living better by watching Oprah videos.INGUSA
    Paraguay TodosMinisterio de Educación y Cultura del ParaguayESPPARAGAY
    PBS KidsWatch clips of Clifford, Arthur, and other PBS Kids series.INGUSA
    Photoshop TVWeekly webisodes teaching tips and tricks for using Photoshop.INGUSA
    Poli MediaUniversidad Politecnica de ValenciaESPESPAÑA
    Portal San FranciscoPortal San FranciscoPORBRASIL
    Princeton UniversityWatch archived Princeton lectures on a variety of topics.INGUSA
    Programa HuascaránPortal Educativo del Ministerio de Educación del PerúESPPERU
    Proyecto BiosferaUna relación de vídeos de Biología y Geología para su análisis, como un complemento didáctico de las unidades. ESPESPAÑA
    Puleva SaludCon los vídeos didácticos de Puleva Salud podrás aprender sobre salud, nutrición y bienestar pero de una manera diferente a como lo habías hecho hasta ahora. Realizados en un atractivo formato, pequeños y grandes disfrutarán con ellos. ¿Te los vas a perder?ESPESPAÑA
    Radio EducaciónAudio educativo sobre demandaESPMEXICO
    Reader's DigestLike its namesake, the videos on Reader's Digest cover a broad spectrum of...INGUSA
    RealQuestionsHave a question? Let this video site answer those questions with diverse...INGUSA
    ResearchChannelOver 3,000 video programs from the world's leading institutions.INGUSA
    Richard Bangs AdventuresWatch Richard Bangs excellent collection of adventure videos.INGUSA
    RooTVQuality streaming video broadcasts focusing on news.INGUSA
    SaberHacerInstructional and how-to English and Spanish language videos catered to...INGUSA
    School TubeStudent and educator run media sharing website endorsed by top education...INGUSA
    ScienceDailyGreat place to watch the latest science and health news on video.INGUSA
    ScienCentralWatch the latest video news clips on science and technology.INGUSA
    sclipoBrowse videos covering many different skills.INGUSA
    SearchForVideoFind videos using multiple online providers.INGUSA
    Secrets of the OutdoorsEducational videos about the outdoors life.INGUSA
    Sex Health GuruExpert video information that explores the issues relating to sex and sex...INGUSA
    Smashing TellyGreat collection of hand-picked documentaries.INGUSA
    Smithsonian ChannelClick on the video tab at the top of the page for access to a variety of...INGUSA
    Spacetime TVSearch through educational science videos from short clips to full-length...INGUSA
    Space-VideoView a gallery of space videos from NASA and other sources.INGUSA
    Stanford Business SchoolRecorded video lectures and speakers from Stanford U. School of Business.INGUSA
    Storyline OnlineGreat site for kids to watch videos of celebrities reading popular...INGUSA
    StreetFilmsInformative films and short documentaries on living in a sustainable urban...INGUSA
    Student.comA social networking site for teens with a variety of video channels.INGUSA
    SuTreeNice collection of hand-picked how-to videos.INGUSA
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