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    Teachers.TVProgramming all about issues that teachers deal with in the education...INGUSA
    TeacherTubeSite has a large collection of educational and teaching videos.INGUSA
    TerraInformative videos exploring questions and ideas on the cutting edge of...INGUSA
    ThatsHowUser generated how-to site with videos across a wide variety of categories.INGUSA
    The StacksScholastic associated site with videos covering the world of children's...INGUSA
    The Video Math TutorVideo math lessons from basic math to algebra along with tips and brain...INGUSA
    This Old HouseInformative how-to videos focusing mainly on home improvement.INGUSA
    TLCView The Learning Channel video clips.INGUSA
    TOT LOLKid friendly site with tons of entertaining and educational videos. INGUSA
    TrickLifeHow-to video site with videos submitted by its users.INGUSA
    tubetorialVideos on web development and the business of marketing an online site.INGUSA
    Tuney FishHow-to video site all about cars that covers repairs and performance tipsINGUSA
    TV LessonUser uploaded how-to site with video lessons on college, business,...INGUSA
    UC Berkeley webcastWatch complete video recordings of entire semester lectures given at UC...INGUSA
    UChannelPrinceton affiliated site that makes videos of academic lectures around...INGUSA
    UCTVEducate yourself to programming, lectures, and content from all University...INGUSA
    Ultimate Guitar TVBecome a guitar hero with videos full of guitar, bass, and songwriting...INGUSA
    USC Shoah FoundationInformative resource of video interviews with Holocaust survivors.INGUSA
    VaultRecent college grads will find the video tips on resume writing and...INGUSA
    Vega Science TrustBroadcast platform for science and technology.INGUSA
    Vehicle FixerUseful how-to site with auto repair videos for gear heads and beginners...INGUSA
    Videoteca Educativa de las Américas
    La Videoteca Educativa de las Américas (VELA) es un sitio web creado por la Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) del Gobierno de México, que pretende albergar el acervo audiovisual educativo del Continente Americanol. ESP MEXICO
    Vídeo Digital EducativoEste sitio ha sido desarrollado por el Colegio Erain dentro de un proyecto I+D+i financiado por la Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa, el Gobierno Vasco, y el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional. ESPESPAÑA
    videojugHow-to videos on food, drinks, health, beauty, home/garden, etc.INGUSA
    VideoLecturesExchange ideas and share knowledge with this collection of video lectures...INGUSA
    Videos de MatemáticasVIDEOS DE MATEMÁTICAS por Moisés Grillo ESPBOLIVIA
    Videos portal desde el que se puede descargar o visualizar material educativo de forma legal y gratuita. ESPESPAÑA
    Videos EscolaresCompendio de Videos EducativosESPARGENTINA
    Videoteca ATEILa ATEI es la Asociación de Televisión Educativa Iberoamericana, organización sin ánimo de lucro, creada en 1992 para gestionar la Televisión Educativa Iberoamericana, Programa de Cooperación de las Cumbres Iberoamericanas de Jefes de Estado y de Gobierno, cuya misión es contribuir al desarrollo de la educación y la cultura en Iberoamérica, mediante la utilización de la televisión y otras tecnologías de la información y comunicación.ESPIBEROAMERICA
    Video-tutesVideo tutorials with a focus on learning computer software programs, like...INGUSA
    viewDoLearn how to do something by watching online videos.INGUSA
    VtorialSite full of interesting tutorial videos.INGUSA
    WatchMojoGreat original programming with tips, news and advice on just about every...INGUSA
    Windows to the UniverseEducational site where kids can play games to discover fun facts about the...INGUSA
    Wonder How ToSearch engine and directory of how-to videos is a great resource. INGUSA
    WoopidVideo tutorials aimed to answer all your computer and gadget related...INGUSA
    WordiaUnique user-created online dictionary where users define words on video in...INGUSA
    Yahoo NewsVideo news from AP, ABC, NPR, CNN, and others.INGUSA
    Your TangoSite for ladies to watch videos about romance, relationship advice, and...INGUSA
    YUDOmagicWatch videos of community produced magic performances and tutorials.INGUSA
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