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    Tralcom is a Delawere USA, incorporated company founded in 2001 which provides solutions for the academic sector; it has an installed base of more than 1.5 million users and participates in different of the most important educational projects of the region. Together with Microsoft, we drives the most bigger educational project worldwide supplying the Social Network for Catholic Education to more than 44 million students 210,000 schools in 104 countries ( Our company has presence in the United States, Mexico and Spain, and has business partners in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Spain and France.

    Thanks to the experience accumulated during its 10 years of existence, Tralcom offers one of the first solutions in the market supporting at the same time educational strategies for presential education and remote education, becoming a “True Blended Learning” solution and the first in the market in offering an interactive classroom operated with a simple remote control, eliminating any resistance or requirement of computer skills for teachers and students.

    It is also present in other sectors than the academic, as for example the Corporative, the Industrial and the Governmental where, with its training technology, Tralcom offers the possibility of identifying with precision, the necessary knowledge and skills for the optimal performance of a responsibility. This has led government and private institutions to create an exact inventory of skills and competences of each position. With its interactive classroom based on a remote control and the television by IP it becomes the only option in the market to cover training programs in sectors where computer would be a didactical barrier.
  • In Schools and Universities:

    •  The Multimedia content becomes an integral part of presential and remote courses, every day and each hour.
    •  Teachers achieve a friendly experience using technology in the classroom.
    •  The directors of the academic institution get information to know what is happening in the classroom: Fulfillment of academic programs, attendance and participation of students in the classroom, etc.
  • In Corporations, Government and Academies:

    •  Training content is focused on Competences and Skills specific of each organization.
    •  Content is generated and customized dynamically for each user, eliminating “The same course for everybody”.
    •  “e-Learning“ training achieves its goals for everybody even if they do not have Access to a computer or do not know how to use one.
    Tralcom reinvests 60% of its incomes in research and development; results of that is our successfull online interactive classroom service ( and recently, it has released a new technological proposal for the management of electronic Text Books, being the first solution in the market with a complete approach of the text book in the academic sector and not only for the Reading as a hobby, because its solution allows the incorporation of interactive elements of text books distributed by publishing houses in an electronic way without changing the original book and protecting the intellectual property of these:
    Tralcom supports different educational institutions in Mexico, some examples are the Colegio de Bachilleres, the INEA, the High school of Veracruz (Sec. de Educ. de Veracruz), the Benemérita de Puebla, etc. and abroad, Texas University, the university of California, Ministries of education in Spain; also, about 70 enterprises in several countries and Mexican government departments as Bansefi, SSP, Nafinsa, among others.

Investors Info.

    To receive information and be contacted by our team of advisors to Investors please contact:
  • Antonio Mayer of Diestro, S. de R.L. de C.V. Gobernador Rafael Rebollar 47 Col. San Miguel Chapultepec C.P. 11850 Del. Miguel Hidalgo, D.F. Tels. 5234 6521 al 24 / Fax 5234 6521 ext. 109

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