Moodle integrated with Office 365

    We recomend the use of Moodle, now is easy to configure and setup your own instance of Moodle on the cloud, using the technology infrastructure that Microsoft offers with Windows Azure, and use your Office365 ID to authenticate your users in Moodle.

    Based on version 2.2 of Moodle, integrated with SharepointOnline that is part of Office 365 and the user account authentication for Moodle is with the Office365 ID. A 100% work done by the team of R & D of Tralcom.
    • Take advantage and benefits of Microsoft Office 365 A2 plan that offers:
      • Web page of the school with free hosting using Sharepoint Online technology
      • Ability to create free web sites for collaborative work,  even at level of each teacher with his group:
        • Wikis, discussion forums, documents libraries, surveys, reference lists, homework’s, Multimedia Libraries, etc. o   
      • Free email for teachers and students based on the technology of Exchange Online with a storage capacity of 25 Gb.
      • Videoconferencing services, instant messaging and virtual meetings for all users of the school, using the technology for Microsoft Lync.
      • Free access to Office Web apps, which are an extension of Microsoft Office accessible from any Web browser to view, create and edit any file office online.
    • Moodle is 100% implemented on Azure data storage and no license fee is needed because Moodle is free.
    • 100% SQL Azure, no extra computing hours cost for MySql on Azure.
    • Highest Azure potential with lowest cost of computing hours, just pay as you use it.
    • You can have your personalized Moodle Platform on 24hrs connected with your actual or new Office 365 plan.
    More info: 

Classroom Coordinator with Moodle and others LMS's

    Connect our Interactive Classroom "Classroom Coordinator" to your actual platform. With an advanced subscription you can install Classroom Coordinator conected to your own LMS, like Moodle, Agilix BrainHoney and our "Training Coordinator".


    Click here to use an entire site demo of Moodle on Azure

What is Office 365?

What is Windows Azure?

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