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  • "Global Grid for Learning", with more than 1.7 M of learning objects, is an initiative carried out by the Cambridge University and now operated by Edutone that incorporates contents of more than 40 publishing houses and multimedia content producers, which has been carefully reviewed and clasified with specific metadata to find them more easely and classified them according to its educative level, from preschool to University, orientation and use.
  • Tralcom is an official reseller of GGFL for Spain, Latinoamerica and the USA. It is offered as an unlimited yearly licence by school location, for more information contact our experts at:

  • See a demonstration of GGFL at:
  •  Tralcom also reviews regularly the educational content offer in the Web that will help you to exploit unlimited educative ressources of the internet.
    • Download a complete catalogue with more than 150 web sites offering free multimedia educative content. Click here
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    • With our interacctive Classroom you could have access to all of them.

      There are a wide diversity of educative contents, guidelines of how to do and documentaries in the net that you could use in the classroom. Next you will find some od them. The site indicated here are trademarks of third parties which are publicly available in Internet, and Tralcom has non resposibility for the content of them and any change or lack of moral found is responsability of who publishes it.

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