Training Coordinator

    What is It?

     Training Coordinator© includes all the necessary infrastructure to create a Virtual University for the educative sector,
     or an Intranet of training that allows the remote training for all the personnel of the companies and governmental
     organizations through its internal networks (Intranet) and public like Internet.
     But also offers an ideal environment for presenciary education
, being one of the first platform with:
  • "True Blendend Learning".
    Academic Sector
  • Unlike the open source platform, our solution incorporates sophisticated features that enable educational institutions to implement our technology not only to the world distance learning but also incorporate it into the world presenciary education.
    • True Blended Learning.
    • Parametric exam generator and Rubrics Administration, Hi availability and massive concurrent users support.
    • Knowledge Administration based on Skills and Competences.
  • The large and small Business, governmental organizations and educative organizations face the necessity to modernize itself to remain competitive in the market, to incorporate services extra walls by Internet/Intranet is of vital importance to guarantee to its employees and students all the modern means of learning as well as the flexibility and freedom to at any time have access to the education or training from any place.
  • As open source platforms, Training Coordinator © is a tool that allows full control of a virtual university, from managing the virtual campus to publish and control access to the different courses of their curricula by Internet.
   Corporates and Public Sector
  • Small and large educational institutions are currently facing the need to get modernized and remain competitive in the market.
  • Our solution is aimed to manage the training progress for each employee and assess the true result of profesional development at your organization, allowing:
    • Realize the true potential of each employee.
    • Retain staff by offering a career plan that involves a constant improvement.
  • With our unique model for skills development, you can take your dictionary of competencies mapping for each of its employees and develop their skills, getting their true potential and productivity

Blended Learning

        Presenciary Educational Platform
    • In conjunction with Classroom Coordinator you can implement an integrated platform for classrooms and distance environments.
    • First solution in the market that offers you a true multimodal environment on a single platform.
    • Allows the integration of classroom activities, distance learning activities, and the combination of both.
    • You may offer training hybrid models, blended and/or self-taught. .
    • Implement the multimodal educational strategies according with new educational trends.
    • You can also offer Live environment for a group of people that can receive distance education in a remote classroom.
        Online Services
    • Students may review all the topics seen in class.
    • Request remote individual assessment and tele-training sessions.
    • Access to collaborative tools such as discussion panels, digital libraries, collaborative workspaces, wikis, knowledge data bases, etc.
    • Exercise their knowledge using evaluations and exercises.
    • ... and many more services.

Exams and Rubrics

        Parametric Configuration
    • To display the tests, "Training Coordinator ©" used formats for display of questions configurable, which allows:
      • Select quantity of questions that should be displayed for each skill or learning objective to be evaluated.
      • Configure the time for Test Fix, proposed by the teacher, dynamic, the sum of time that each question have.
    • For each question displayed:
      • Random Q & A
      • Depending on the abundance of questions in the database can generate multiple combinations of questions by each exam than the other
      • Likewise, if a multiple choice question has several correct answers associated, the test engine chooses a one correct and the incorrects at random, and the order of their presentation, allowing longer life of questions.
    Reliability and High Performance For Online Assessments/Exams
    • The Exams engine of "Trainig Coordinator ©" is based on a robust architecture designed to process high-performance and large volume.
    • Also to allow the reliability and operability in the form of outsourcing, we have developed various mechanisms for security and control to eliminate any problem of information leakage.
    Assessment based on evidence Headings (Rubrics)
    • The Exams engine of "Trainig Coordinator ©" manage evaluation guidelines and / or rubrics for teachers to identify learning from all sorts of activities. .
    • Allows to implement new assessment strategies where traditional tests are no longer the only option, but nevertheless the methods applied by teachers to qualify should be standardized.

Competences, Skills and Abilities

        Learning Measurement
    • Typically, the achievement of objectives and syllabus is given by measuring the level of the results obtained in the course evaluations.
      • Usually limited to monitoring numerical values ​​(average scores of a group).
      • With our learning objects management technology, all media resources associated with a particular theme or insight go into what Tralcom call "A Learning Object".

    • Learning objects are made up of various multimedia resources, may be from one or more flash animations, pictures, etc.. to a group of several HTML pages with text, animation and graphics.
    Competences and Skills Model
    • In conjunction with our model of learning object management, all media resources associated with a particular topic or knowledge linked to what we call "A learning object" represents one of the components of a competition.
    • With our technology for competencies and skills knowledge management (Understanding competition components a set of skills, knowledge, abilities, aptitudes and attitudes) can carry a much more precise control of the learning that is achieved and determine whether a competition is acquired or not and its elements. Contributing to a real system of academic quality control



Virtual Host

Blended Learning

    For more information about our Blended Learning Solution please visit the product web Site:


    And Test it during 3 to 6 months.

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