• 1st. LMS (eLearning Platform) that offers a delivery system based in Ip.TV technology.
  • Allows you to launch training programs based on video on demand interactively.
  • Extremely simple to use since everything is controlled with a remote control.
  • Implement your distance learning classes with the lowest market cost, as it only requires a TV and our IPTV device.

Reliability, Scalability and High Performance

  • Our software is based on high performance transactional model, that control the integrity of the information from the server to the user station and vice versa, maintaining the confidentiality of information transmitted through encrypted channels under https protocol.
  • In case of power or communication failures, the Exams Engine can reopen the original examination or display a new one. Managing various control mechanisms to allow such transactions.

Interactive Whiteboards

    Our Interactive Classroom is compatible with all brands in the market


Remote Control

    With or without an interactive whiteboard, you can use any remote control compatible with Media Center. Turning any TV or projector in a interactive classroom.

Windows Multipoint Server 2011

    Profesores con recursos. Alumnos motivados.

    El éxito de los estudiantes es su mayor prioridad, por lo que necesita hacer que el aprendizaje sea más relevante, colaborativo y motivador para los estudiantes de hoy en día y sus diferentes estilos de aprendizaje. Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 es una solución rentable que se ha diseñado para ayudarle a alcanzar su objetivo.

    Classroom Coordinator Student Module es el complemento ideal para una implementación del Multipoint Server ya que incorpora la administración y seguimiento académico de los modelos de "Educación Activa".

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