Classroom Coordinator©  user interface delivers all your content and resources with a few clicks.


  • Identify the group and Login
    Easily access all your educational re
    sources with a single sign on to your actual LMS platform or Student Information System
  • Designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard (integrated on screen keyboard) or with a remote control (any remote MCE compatible)
  • Full personalized look and feel.
  • Out of the browser technology, give you the possibility to install it in your desktop with just one click (accessing the right click menu)
  • Simple and user friendly environment
  • Get all your assignments in just one place.
  • Simple and organized environment with an icon based toolbox.
  • 5 meters (10 feet) user interface with hi-contrast and big sized fonts to offer great look in all places of your classroom.
  • Designed to be presented in a  low resolution screen like a common TV or with a Hi-Res colorful LCD or projector.
  • Integrated Resources
    Our interactive environment built-in resources covers all the necessary applications that a Teacher need
    s to present his class
  • Assistance List
  • Syllabus review
  • Multimedia Content
  • Remote tutoring
  • Exams generator and viewer.
  • Video Conferencing
  • And much more, but also easily associates your own resources
  • Organized content repository  
    Follow the syllabus and accomplish all the course program with our easy reviewed/to-review filtering
  • Access any kind of content
  • Support all multimedia formats
  • Execute any educative software from an organized perspective
  • Track all the access to each particular content
  • Identify which content is reviewed at classroom and associate it to the student included in the absent list.
  • Associate exams to each particular syllabus and launch the exam viewer at any time
    Try it in our Demo School account

    Group: 53
    User: 120
    Password: 12345678

Try a Demo Group

    Access our Demo School account
        Group: 53
        User: 120
        Password: 12345678

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