Content Development

Authoring Tools

  • Our strategy for the generation or athoring content is based on a free-form content development model with any tool on the market, however we usually propose and integrate two tools:

  • Quick Lessons, Author Tool Online

    E-learning platform for creating online course

    free trial  -  online E-learning  courses
    online e-Learning platform Access online from anywhere and at any time.
    online e-Learning platform Can create Flash courses quickly and easily.
    online e-Learning platform Select models for content, exercises and games.
    online e-Learning platform Manage your courses and objects, updating at any time.
    online e-Learning platform Export curses to SCORM
    and publish it in any LMS,
    internet, CD or DVD.

    Learn more about this tool and get a trial subscription, no charge,
    Tralcom is an authorized distributor for Mexico and Quick Lessons Spain.

    Microsoft Producer for Power Point

    The second tool is Microsoft Producer a new product that complements PowerPoint

    More Information on Microsoft Producer click here

    Content development services

    Tralcom also offers multimedia content and interactive courses development services. These services are made under exact customer specifications and the tools requested by him.

    • Requirements Analysis
    • Definition of educational strategy
    • Instructional Design
    • Construction of multimedia and graphic design
    • Development in 3D, Flash, Silverlight, etc.
    • HTML/Java programming and/or any language requiredy/o cualquier lenguaje de programación que se requiera for an online course with visual quality and to ensure learning.

    We also have models of pre-defined content that allow us offer a express content production: 

    • Power Point with Audio:A pre-defined presentation with audio explanation of each slide, lasting maximum of 100 minutes at a low cost.
    • Power Point with Video:commonly known as Webcast, a pre-defined presentation with video explanation of each slide, lasting maximum of 100 minutes at a low cost.

    Video/TV Broadcast Studio

    • We have professional video recording studio that we make available to:
      • Video Educational Content production.
      • Any video production for domestic or commercial use.

      Productions developed with our team can get high video quality incorporating:
      • Special Effects
      • Virtual Scenarios
      • Post-production editing and effects
      • Subtitling
      • Animations, 3D effects and more.

    Hosting y Outsoursing Technology

      • This model consists of the provision and operation of all the technological services that involve mounting a virtual university portal or a distance training/learning.
      • Through our business partner REDIT / Diveo, we are able to provide the computing and telecommunications equipment including safety equipment required (Firewall) and all telecommunication links and the operation required 24 hrs. 7 days a week, all year (24X7X365).
      • This model involves the installation of our platform within the customer equipment and facilities but with a support service and technical support through direct remote access (restricted) to the college teams. .

    Internet Streaming of Audio and Video

      Authorized Windows Media Service Provider

      • TRALCOM, integrate Windows Media technology in its products and offers consulting and implementation services of this technology in your organization on strategies that exploit the transmission of audio and video on your network or Internet.
      • Most companies, already have a local area network or even a large integrated or interconnected network and are not reaping the benefits of streaming audio or video over the same network, and are not taking advantage of benefits as
        • Distance education remote classrooms
        • Organizational Communications
        • Live Events
        • Etc.

    Virtual Host

    Blended Learning

      For more information about our Blended Learning Solution please visit the product web Site:


      And Test it during 3 to 6 months.

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