Integration with yout SIS's

    Classroom Coordinator© could be integrated into your school management system, if you sign an advanced a subscription our consulting team will develop the interfaces necessary for coexistence with the systems you use in your Institution
  • If you do not have a SIS or the current school management system does not meet the desired objectives, we will provide you with Student Coordinatorone©, one of the most complete system in the market for "FREE", based on the open OpenSIS used by thousands of schools and universities around the world.

Student Coordinator©


    Student Coordinator©, offer a powerful solution for school information.


  • Student Demographic
    Student Coordinator© enables the tracking of numerous student demographic attributes in a permanent record and across enrollments. Need something not included in the base installation? Use our custom categories and fields that allow you to easily create any number of custom fields to capture your specific data needs.
  • Contact Information
    Easily add contact information for parents, relatives and authorized individuals. Designate legal guardian, bus stops and associate parents with students enabling automatic access to the Student Coordinator© parent portal.
  • Attendance
    By period, by day, with comments and all accomplished with a only a few clicks. Customize attendance codes to meet your specific needs. Easily check attendance by using our built-in reports. Student show up late and you need to change their record? Easily done if you have the access rights
  • Gradebook
    The built in grade book allows teachers to enter homework assignments, class tests and any other activity using weighted scales if desired. Automatic tallying of grades, reports to find erroneously entered grades and advanced ad hoc reporting is included. Entering final grades is as easy as a mouse click.
  • Reports/Report Designer
    Student Coordinator© includes numerous standard reports and the ability to design custom reports using simple check boxes. Reports are output to PDF format for easy printing and viewing. Can’t produce the report you need? Student Coordinator© uses MySQL, a relational database, and any industry standard reporting tool can be used to create custom reports
  • Report Cards
    Easily input final grades, create student report cards and calculate GPA’s and class rankings. Change a final grade that will affect GPA or class ranking? Simply recalculate GPA’s using the built in function in Student Coordinator©. Print one report card, all report cards or anywhere in between with the flexibility of Student Coordinator©
  • Transcripts
    Student Coordinator© includes the ability to print student transcripts. Create groups of students across numerous attributes and click a button. It doesn’t get any easier and Student Coordinator© is all about ease of use.
  • Health Records
    Are you paying for SASI Parent Connect? EdLine? Why? Student Coordinator© includes a parent portal that allows your parents to see their children, grades, attendance, discipline and more using the same intuitive web interface. And it is part of the base solution, which is free.
  • Scheduling
    Student Coordinator© includes a scheduler that allows you to easily input student requests and mass schedule students. You can make multiple schedule runs as you make adjustments and have multiple schedules within a school. View and print student schedules and class rosters with just a few clicks.
  • Parent Portal
    Student Coordinator© includes a parent portal that allows your parents to see their children, grades, attendance, discipline and more using the same intuitive web interface. And it is part of the base solution, which is free.
  • User Customizable Preferences
    Don’t like the color? Want to get rid of some fields that you don’t use? Easily customize your preferences to suit your needs and likes. It is all easily done with a few simple mouse clicks.
  • Security
    Student Coordinator© includes the ability to control user security at the field level. Customize the included roles and create your own to meet specific needs. No programming knowledge needed and only a few mouse clicks are required.

  • OpenSIS  is a Copyright © 2010 work of Open Solutions for Education, Inc. (OS4Ed) &
     Student Coordinator© is a Copyright © 2011 work of Tralcom, Inc. (
    is licensed under the GPL License.


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